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Hilton Jr Cadets Football & Cheer 2022

Head Coaches for 2022


A: Jenna Shannon
B: Heather Crowe
C: Jessica Van Wuyckhuyse
Flag: Crystal Helfer
A: Wayne Bowles
B: Jonathan Guay
C: David Williams
Flag: Josh Kendrot as Head with Ryan Penfold as Assistant


  • Changes for this year:

    • No weight limit

    • No light weights

    • No limit on modified players

  • Practice starts August 1

  • Practice Schedule

    • For A, B and C teams - TBD

    • For Flag teams - TBD

  • First Game - TBD

  • Schedule will include Home and away games with each opponent as well as 2 out of league games, playoffs, and championship.

AGES (birthdate as of August 1)

Squad A - 11  and 12  year olds
Squad B - 9 and 10  year olds
Squad C - 7 and 8 year olds
Flag - 5 and 6 year olds

Squad A - 11,12,13  year olds (13 years is for CHEER ONLY)
Squad B - 9 and 10  year olds
Squad C - 7 and 8 year olds
Flag - 5 and 6 year olds

"Playing up" is allowed but is at the discretion of the Coaching Staff & with Board review. These requests will be reviewed on an individual basis please contact us if this is something that you would like to explore.

Registration Fees

Please note that here is a small processing fee charged by the credit card company when checking out. This is not something that we are charging, the credit card processor charges it for each transaction.

  • $300 registration (Pay ONLINE ONLY, processing fees apply, due upon registration) for A, B, C Football & Cheer.
  • $200 registration (Pay ONLINE ONLY, processing fees apply, due upon registration) for Flag Football & Cheer
  • $50 fundraiser fee DUE AT UNIFORM SIZING* (this is for the lottery tickets in September)
  • $50 volunteer check deposit DUE AT UNIFORM HANDOUT* (this will not be cashed UNLESS you do not fulfill your volunteer requirements)

*This year we will not proceed with uniform sizing without the $50 fundraiser fee and we will not be handing out uniforms without exchange of the volunteer deposit.  We appreciate your understanding.


Hilton Jr Cadets Cheer Program

Joining Jr. Cadets cheer provides multiple benefits to your child.  Your child will grow and develop physically, socially, and emotionally.  Beginning from the Flag level, your child will learn the fundamentals of cheer, and continue to build upon those skills in a safe and controlled environment as they progress to A Team.  The skills and character traits taught at the Jr. Cadets level are all in preparation for our athletes to have a seamless transition into our Hilton modified level and above.

Jr. Cadets Cheer builds inner confidence within your child.  Your child is given an opportunity to take risks both physically and mentally when performing during competitions. They learn the importance of building team work and that a dedicated "hard work" mindset is essential to a successful squad!

As our cheerleaders work together, they learn to empower their team mates so that we can achieve our goals. Sportsmanship, accountability, perseverance, and grit are all created with Jr. Cadet Cheerleading!