Registration Information



GRADE LEVELS (as of Sept 2023) 

Please register your child for the appropriate grade level. During the registration process we are not going to be able to accommodate requests to “play up”. This transition process brings with it alot of changes including rule of play, particularly on the C level. We are not able to determine if the returning numbers will allow for movement up with having to transition to grade level rather than age, as well as less players on the field. This is something that we will have to look at a later date.

*note flag level is different for cheer & football

 Cheerleaders (Grade as of 9/2023)

      A Cheerleading: Grades 6 & 7

      B Cheerleading: Grades 4 & 5

      C Cheerleading: Grades 2 & 3

      Flag Cheer: Grades K & 1

Football Players (Grade as of 9/2023)

        A Football: Grades 6 & 7

       B Football: Grades 4 & 5

       Rookie Tackle/C: Grade 3

       Flag Football: Grades K, 1, 2

Registration Fees

Please note that here is a small processing fee charged by the credit card company when checking out. This is not something that we are charging, the credit card processor charges it for each transaction.

  • $300 registration (Pay ONLINE ONLY, processing fees apply, due upon registration) for A, B, C Football & Cheer.
  • $200 registration (Pay ONLINE ONLY, processing fees apply, due upon registration) for Flag Football & Cheer
  • Fundraiser fee DUE AT UNIFORM SIZING* (this is for the lottery tickets in September)
  • $100 volunteer check deposit DUE THE FIRST WEEK OF PRACTICE* (this will not be cashed UNLESS you do not fulfill your volunteer requirements)

*This year we will not proceed with uniform sizing without the fundraiser fee and we will not be handing out uniforms without exchange of the volunteer deposit.  We appreciate your understanding.